Are your firm’s recording methods up to date?

Legal EyeWhilst complaints are unfavourable for any business to receive, they form a natural part of working life.

As well as seeing them as a way to improve and grow, it’s also important to ensure that they’re recorded correctly in line with regulatory requirements.

Whilst it might seem time consuming, documenting undertakings and complaints in a central location is vital for firms. Not only does it improve management efficiency, but it can also protect firms against reputational damage by maintaining evidence and keeping partners and directors up to date.

Whether reportable or non-reportable, it’s important to document any complaints’ information and any action which is taken in response.

The same goes for matters which fall within the high-risk category. In order to demonstrate that you’ve taken the appropriate steps required, it’s important that you record these incidences in a central place.

But that’s easier said than done.

Though you probably know it’s important to keep registers up to date, you might not know the best way to go about it.

The Legal Eye Register Pack provides you with the documentation to keep on top of records and maintain registers in line with regulatory requirements.

As well as being presented in a clearly structured way, the documents provided can be tailored, ensuring that your firm’s recording methods comply with the most recent legislation.

The Legal Eye Register Pack contains the following key registers:

– Undertakings

– High-Risk

– Declined Instruction

– Complaints

Regulators require law firms to show that they have key registers in place. Make sure that your firm is compliant and click here to find out how you can benefit from the Legal Eye Policy Pack today.

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