Feltons Law: Sole Practitioner uses SOS Connect+ as a Force Multiplier

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Life isn’t easy for a sole practitioner practicing law. Without a separate accounts department, you’re left to organize your ledger yourself in compliance with solicitor’s regulation authority requirements. Even a small error can snowball into a larger problem down the line. At Feltons Law, however, sole practitioner Peter Felton uses SOS Connect+ to update his ledger in a fast, repeatable, and error-free manner, saving man-hours of work and freeing up more time to practice the law.

Peter Felton, the founder and sole practitioner at Feltons Law, takes us through his experience of working with SOS Legal and the benefits he sees as a result of using SOS Connect +.

Project Highlights: Having SOS Connect+ at the heart of a practice

  • Lightens the workload of a sole practitioner legal office
  • Friendly support team always responds on time
  • Adds more value than other case management packages – without the huge expense
  • Document management makes messaging a snap

About Feltons Law

Over my lengthy career, I’ve worked in large firms, small firms, and everywhere in between. Since 2010, however, I’ve been a sole practitioner at my own firm, Felton’s Law. With just two support staff working with me, we need all the help we can get when it comes to lightening the workload. For the last 10 years, SOS Connect+ has been an invaluable source of assistance.

Why SOS Connect+?

At the beginning of Feltons Law, we shopped around for inexpensive practice management software – and ended up having bad experience with all of it. The less said, the better. As soon as I saw the online demo for SOS Connect+, however, I became seriously intrigued. Then once I began working with them, everyone I spoke to was so friendly and helpful that I was sold.

I’ll admit that I’m not the most tech-savvy person on the face of the earth – and what with being the sole legal practitioner, I have very little time to read the manual. In effect, I learned how to use Connect+ by simply calling SOS every time I had a problem. What’s amazing is that I never had to wait, I always spoke to someone personable, and they were always able to solve  my issue in a short time. Even though I’m completely familiar with the software by now, I never fail to be impressed by the customer support services.

What We Needed from a Practice Management Solution

Being a sole practitioner is, as I’ve mentioned, no small amount of work. You wear all the hats. Something like the accounting service offered by SOS Connect+ is an actual godsend, because that’s one less job I have to deal with. The same is true of the case management service. I’ve able to create bespoke workflows, and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I write a letter. Lastly, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the number of paper files that we use – every physical paper document we receive is scanned into the system and automatically tagged for future reference.

A Small Business with a Powerful Accounts Department

Having a great accounts department in the form of SOS Connect+ isn’t just effective for organization – it’s also effective for billing.

We didn’t purchase SOS Connect+ because of the time recording system, but it is utilized at our firm, nonetheless. Many of the software features have become indispensable to the firm. No matter which feature is the primary selling point for your organization, you’ll find that its side benefits more than pay for themselves as well.

Benefits from using SOS Connect+

If you’re thinking about purchasing SOS Connect+, let me help you make that decision for you: I will literally shout its praises from the rooftops. It is easy to use, its support staff are phenomenally professional, and its features are incredibly polished. From the standpoint of time savings, its automation features help free up hundreds of man-hours for small practices, making it so much easier for you to focus on your core business service – practicing law – as opposed to various administrative tasks. Connect+ has been at the heart of my practice for the last 10 years and I have zero regrets.


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