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Exclusive new ‘Extended’ Personal search report saves you more time

Print [1]ETSOS [2] are delighted to announce an exclusive addition to our search supermarket with the launch of a revolutionary Personal (Regulated) Local Authority that includes documents referred to, saving you from contacting the Local Authority separately.

Save time and speed up your transactions with the Brand New “Extended” Local Authority Search available.

The ‘Extended’ Local Authority search includes (where relevant)

In addition to the industry leading features of their standard report

The new search is available now for just an additional £15 (see a sample here [3]). This search will also be available under our soon to be launched Lender Approved Guarantee. If a lender does not accept a Personal search then we will automatically order an Official, all at no extra cost.

Trial this brand new Personal Local Authority search today and compare; contact David Opie [4] on 01524 220001.