European Law Firms Moving to iManage as Replacement for Envision Document and Email Management

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27 February 2017

iManageiManage today announced that a growing number of law firms are selecting iManage Work as an effective way to transition off the Thomson Reuters Elite Envision practice management system as it approaches end-of-life. To date, more than 20 Envision customers use iManage Cloud or iManage Work on-premises for document and email management, including Bond Dickinson LLP; Burness Paull LLP; Fox Williams LLP; Harper Macleod LLP; Kemp Little LLP; Lindsays; Pemberton Greenish LLP; Stewarts Law LLP; Thomson Snell & Passmore; Turcan Connell WS; Wedlake Bell; and Wright Hassall LLP, among other leading firms.

Siddhartha Mankad, chief operating officer of Kemp Little LLP, a top 200 UK law firm, saw the move from Envision to iManage as a way to empower users with technology that could help them do their jobs better. “Beyond being end-of-lifed, Envision’s functionality wasn’t enough for our needs,” Mankad explained. “iManage Cloud offered a way to give our users better document and email management, all accessible through a highly reliable and secure hybrid cloud service.”

“This is a low-risk, high-benefit way for law firms to move off of Envision while selecting a market-leading Work Product Management solution that will fit their needs now and into the future,” said Geoff Hornsby, iManage General Manager, EMEA. “iManage Work is safe and secure, and gives customers the choice of doing either an on-premises deployment or a cloud service.”

“For our firm, it made a lot of sense to replace the document management system piece of the Envision functionality with iManage Work,” said Ian Beattie, chief operating officer of Lindsays. “Right away, we could improve our document and email management capabilities, while reducing our overall reliance on an end-of-lifed product.”

iManage Work has the added benefit of already integrating with most of the popular practice management systems that law firms might choose to move to in the future —further simplifying the transition off of Envision.

“When we were evaluating replacements for Envision, it became clear that iManage was our best option because of its integrations,” said Michael Kinnear, IT manager at Pemberton Greenish LLP, a UK-based law firm specializing in Real Estate, Private Wealth, and Corporate law. “We’ve deployed iManage Work on-premises to nearly 100 users at our firm, with the confidence that it will work with whatever our next practice management system might be.”

For more information about iManage Work and iManage Cloud, visit the iManage website.

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