How to be an Ethical Solicitor: innovative book plus course just published

Bath PublishingBath Publishing have, over the past 10 years, carved out a reputation for innovation in legal publishing as an early pioneer of online publishing and training.  Our latest publication continues that tradition. How to be an Ethical Solicitor is a book that doubles up as a reference and a source for an accompanying online course.

The book is an inspirational guide that links ethical thinking with daily practice. Using clear language and plenty of real life case examples the authors vividly illustrate how to map an ethical route through moral decisions, practical realities and the SRA’s regulatory codes. Their mission is not to give definitive answers, that is not possible, but instead to train solicitors to think ethically and embody an ethical attitude into their daily practice.

That mission is furthered by the accompanying online training course. All readers get access, using a unique code printed in the book, to a 30 question course available on the Bath Publishing website. Successfully complete the course and readers can download a certificate as evidence of satisfying Section A of the Competence Statement.

This is a fresh approach to reading and training for legal practitioners that makes the most of time spent reading, transforming it into solid, evidenced knowledge of an increasingly critical area of modern legal practice.

Read more about the book & order on the Bath Publishing website.

About the Authors 

Mena Ruparel is a practising solicitor and an experienced legal trainer with a mission to maintain the professional standards of the legal profession for the benefit of both the public and practitioners. Insights gathered from years at the front line have been distilled in this book.

Richard Burnham is a trainee solicitor, legal blogger and video game company owner who is ideally placed to look at the ethical risks of social media and the viewpoint of the new entrant to the profession.


200 pages


ISBN 978-0-9935836-4-3

Lecturer? Inspection copies are available for lecturers and tutors teaching professional skills. Email for more.

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