Essex conveyancing specialists see volumes rise by 105% since introduction of innovative case management system

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28 January 2016

Redbrick200Marcus Baum LLP are a specialist conveyancing operation based in Southend on Sea. Founded in 1995, they have recently opened additional offices in Rayleigh and Leigh on Sea, where they also now handle probate matters. They employ over 40 staff in their dedicated property operation and have been using Redbrick Solutions case management technology for several years.

Marcus Baum have seen instruction levels increase by 105% since 2012, yet they have had to increase their headcount by only a fraction of that amount.

Matthew Clark, director says “We’ve become so much more reliant on the case management technology to do practically everything for us that we’re able to more efficiently deal with a greater number of cases.’

In the recent past as activity levels started to recover Matthew seized the opportunity to further streamline their operation with the use of Redbrick’s Business Intelligence solution which runs their back office finance function.

“It was clear to me’ says Matthew, ‘that to be able to drive our top line without a significant increase in the operational costs, including salaries, technology was the most sensible way of improving the overall performance of our business.”

As Marcus Baum now have a joined up front and back office function, further duplication of effort between fee earners, case handlers and the finance team has been entirely eliminated.

Customer facing staff have instant access to the ledger and excellent visibility of what’s going on in a matter from a monetary point of view, whilst the back office staff benefit from fully automated pre-population of the financial payment and receipt requisitions generated by the case management product.

“Additionally, through the use of the Business Intelligence product I can now get much better information as to the performance of my business. On a practical note I can now get real-time updates on pretty much any metric whether it be compliance based or performance focussed – every fee earner within the business is targeted and they manage themselves against these KPI’s. The visibility that we all get really is game changing” added Matthew.

“Dealing with many hundreds of cases a month, on a cost per file basis, incremental changes in operational efficiency translate to significant savings on the volumes we handle’ concludes Matthew.

“Redbrick’s technology has really given us the ability to operate much more efficiently than was ever the case, and as a result of that we are now more compliant and profitable than ever before.”

To find out how Redbrick’s innovative case management technology can increase the profitability of your firm please see or call 0845 166 2629.

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