Enhanced CON29DW search set to launch in April

GeodesysGeodesys a leading provider of conveyancing searches for residential and commercial properties throughout England and Wales – is delighted to announce their new-generation CON29DW search (for residential properties in the Anglian Water area) will be available from 2 April.

The Law Society CON29DW search equips conveyancers with the most up-to-date information available to advise their clients on the impact of water and waste-water networks in relation to property purchases.

Jonny Davey, Product Manager for Geodesys, comments: “The CON29DW search is an essential part of the conveyancing process offering a clear trail of responsibility back to the water company. Our redesigned report compliments the recent Government consultation on improving the home buying process by providing key, upfront information on drainage and water connections and assets.  By having details of any issues that might affect their intended property purchase, the homebuyer is empowered to either proceed or negotiate with confidence, and can deal upfront with anything that may otherwise emerge later on.”

The official CON29DW is the only drainage and water search to contain 23 standard questions and two accurate Ordnance Survey maps showing assets and pipes. This nationwide standardisation helps reveal essential information a homebuyer needs regarding water and sewerage connections and protects them from unnecessary risks and potential costs in the future.

Making the job of the conveyancer easier, the enhanced features from 2 April will provide:

  • A crystal-clear, front-page customer dashboard, designed by industry experts, highlighting vital information including: clear identification on key questions and potential issues
  • Improved information on drainage and water legislation
  • Simple navigation, so it’s even easier to locate relevant facts from the details in the report
  • An updated guide explaining how specific issues could affect values and further development.
  • Two formats: interactive PDF and usual print format

Jonny concludes: “Unlike personal searches where suppliers can insure, infer and ignore questions of the official CON29DW report, Geodesys is proud to be able to offer total clarity for our clients. This includes facilitating discussions with Anglian Water, visits to the property and on-going reviews even when any concerns are rectified.”

The enhanced CON29DW search is available from 2 April at £42.50 + VAT. For more information visit: www.geodesys.com/new-generation-con29dw/

For more information about Geodesys visit: http://www.geodesys.com

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