Empowering Law Firm Leaders series shares how firms can utilise data to maximise ROI on tech investments and exceed client expectations

The latest episode in Osprey Approach’s interview series, Empowering Law Firm Leaders, has launched today. It features expert advice from CJ Anderson, founder of Iron Carrot and former head of information and research at a leading global law firm and is available now to watch and listen for free.

In the fifth episode, CJ, who set up Iron Carrot to deliver bespoke data governance services to law firms, joined Amy Bruce, Osprey’s head of marketing, to share her experience and help firms utilise their data to improve ROI on their tech and exceed client expectations.

The conversation focuses on the impact that an effective data strategy has on law firms’ future success, and the key steps to creating a data governance framework to help firms meet their business goals.

The conversation covers:

  • How current data challenges are impacting the future success of SMEs
  • What a data governance framework is and why firms need one
  • What’s required to create a successful data strategy
  • The impact of data on your team and clients
  • How firms can remove siloes in their data

CJ believes that unclear and undocumented data rules and data siloes are the two key challenges which impact law firms’ future success: – “There are a lot of challenges around where data lives, who’s responsible for it, why we capture it, and what we want to do with it.

“The other challenge firms face is process inefficiencies. The siloes in data create frustration, inefficiencies, and friction. If you can get an arm around your data a lot of the friction goes away. The questions you need to ask aren’t process or technology questions, they are just simply: ‘what data at what point?’”

Watch the full interview with CJ Anderson now to discover more advice and guidance on utilising data, as well as hearing CJ’s exclusive advice on how to migrate data successfully to new software and achievable data governance goals for the next 12 months.

Osprey’s Empowering Law Firm Leaders interview series follows the success of its ‘Build Better Habits’ webinars and takes a critical look at the key topics that will empower legal leaders and teams to help make running a law firm easier. Over the coming weeks, Amy Bruce will be joined by other guests including Amy Bell, owner of Teal Compliance, and Simon Tupman, best-selling author and management consultant.


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