Empowering Law Firm Leaders series focuses on how to create a proactive compliance culture and mitigate risk

episode 4The fourth episode in an interview series aimed at Empowering Law Firm Leaders has today been launched by Osprey Approach. The latest instalment features expert advice from David Gilmore, director of the largest provider of compliance services to the legal sector in England and Wales, and is available now to watch and listen for free.

In this latest conversation with Amy Bruce, Osprey’s head of marketing, David – founder of DG Legal and member of the Law Society’s leadership and management committee – shares his specialist knowledge and insight on how SME law firms can instil a proactive culture of compliance, which helps to alleviate pressure and mitigate risk.

The fourth episode advises how law firm leaders and teams can stay compliant effectively, with David sharing his top three best practices to help law firms proactively mitigate risk and avoid errors, along with his top tips for staying on top of the evolving compliance changes and requirements.

The conversation also covers:

  • Common compliance pitfalls to avoid
  • Risk management best practices
  • Tips for building a compliance culture
  • How to keep up to date and enforce changing compliance requirements

David says: – “With AML, many firms have not carried out an adequate, firm-wide risk assessment and / or independent AML audit. Some firms are doing too little, and oddly some are doing too much. It’s true that AML will get more complicated and firms will be expected, not only by the SRA, but by Government, to improve their performance.

“The SRA has lost patience with firms in regard to the Transparency Rules. There are many firms out there that believe the rules only apply to certain categories of law; it’s just not the case. Other than the price elements of the rules, there are elements that apply to every firm.”

Watch the full interview with David Gilmore now to discover more advice and guidance on successfully implementing a compliance-focused culture in your firm. Firms can also hear David’s exclusive advice on what to look out and prepare for in line with future compliance developments.

Osprey’s Empowering Law Firm Leaders interview series follows the success of its ‘Build Better Habits’ webinars and will take a critical look at the key topics that will empower legal leaders and teams to help make running a law firm easier. Over the coming weeks, Amy Bruce will be joined by other guests including Amy Bell, owner of Teal Compliance, and Simon Tupman, best-selling author and management consultant.


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