Empowering Law Firm Leaders podcast focuses on helping firms to win more work from better clients

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Osprey Approach announces that the latest episode in its interview series, Empowering Law Firm Leaders, is now available to watch and listen for free on YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Music. In this latest conversation, Scott Simmons – former solicitor and now a legal business development coach – shares his insights and knowledge to help law firms win more work from better clients.

In the sixth episode, Scott, co-founder and co-owner of Legal Balance, joined Amy Bruce, head of marketing at Osprey Approach, to share his views on how lawyers and law firms can win more work from better clients, gain confidence when communicating value, and charge more per case.

The conversation covers: –

  • Why firms need to focus on ‘better’ clients – and how to win them
  • Advice on improving confidence when selling
  • How to instil a culture of business development across the firm
  • Best practices for pricing to reduce write-offs
  • How to close more deals

Scott emphasises the importance of choosing clients that align with the service and price a law firm wants to deliver, “Your value proposition should be a really clear statement about what you’re offering and how you offer it.”

When it comes to winning more work and improving profitability, Scott believes that firms need to deliver on their promises, empower their teams to be curious and ask the right questions, and set expectations from the start.

Watch the full interview with Scott Simmons now to discover more advice and guidance on winning more work from better clients. Scott also shares exclusive advice on how practices build a string pipeline of clients and the one question he recommends everyone uses to close a deal.

Osprey’s Empowering Law Firm Leaders interview series follows the success of its Build Better Habits’ webinars and takes a critical look at the key topics that will empower legal leaders and teams to help make running a law firm easier. Over the coming weeks, Amy Bruce will be joined by other guests including Amy Bell, owner of Teal Compliance, and Simon Tupman, best-selling author and management consultant.


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