Embracing change: celebrating National Conveyancing Week

aerial view of housingBy David Nash, Chief Product Officer, Dye & Durham

Fresh headlines impacting the conveyancing sector pop up every day – from the newly announced cut to Capital Gains Tax intended to improve access to the housing market, to fluctuating house prices and debates over the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill. Conveyancers are no strangers to change.

After living through a global pandemic and adapting to new ways of working, the conveyancing sector has never been more flexible than it is now. But more change is coming thanks to emerging technologies and a new generation of homebuyers entering the market. Gen Z is the most connected generation we’ve ever seen and, not surprisingly, are ahead of the curve in adopting emerging technologies like AI.

The UK has a notoriously long lead time for property purchases, but adopting new technologies can help cut that time down and position the conveyancing sector as a key partner to the government in improving the property transaction process.

The government’s latest budget seeks to incentivise homebuying, which is positive news. It also highlights a commitment to integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and other innovative technologies into its own administrative processes, like file scanning. This move mirrors the private sector’s approach, leveraging technology to expedite or replace manual processes, creating additional capacity for more intricate tasks.

By adopting new tools now, conveyancers can get ahead and shape the way new technologies are adopted and integrated across the legal profession – unlocking more efficient, profitable businesses for conveyancers – in a space that has been highly commoditised.

Our new Unity® Global Platform was designed with the conveyancer in mind. From built-in conveyancing-specific workflow to onboarding with integrated property information forms to practice and case management, Unity® Global Platform gives law firms everything they need to run their practice.

The conveyancing sector is one of the engines of our economy, yet often goes unrecognised for its indispensable role in realising people’s dreams of homeownership. At Dye & Durham, we’re proud to sponsor National Conveyancing Week and support conveyancers whose unwavering dedication, expertise, and professionalism drive our property market.


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