Dual expansion for Burcher Jennings

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20 November 2014

Leading legal costs and pricing consultancy Burcher Jennings have announced expansion plans for London and the West country. The twin moves are further confirmation of the success of the joint venture, formed when progressive costs drafting firm Jennings Costs led by Martyn Jennings joined with international pricing consultancy Validatum led by Richard Burcher, early in 2014.

Burcher Jennings new London office will open in early December in Old Bailey, close to St Paul’s Cathedral and between the City and famous Inns of Court. This will bring Burcher Jennings closer to their increasing portfolio of clients among Top 100 law firms.

Almost 200 miles to the south west, Burcher Jennings has recruited well-known costs lawyer Matthew Newton, who until recently headed the Devon office of Johnson and Johnson, to lead a team of experienced draftsmen based in a new West Country office. The new team will be based on the outskirts of Exeter, convenient to road and rail networks serving the whole of South West England.

CEO Martyn Jennings said:

“Leading city firms have engaged us to help them explore new approaches to pricing. And an increasing number of law firms are realising the benefits to their client-relationships and to their profitability of considering pricing strategies and costs management together. Our new London office is packed with talent and experience – costs lawyers and consultants, litigators, trainers and tutors, a number of whom have experience in the country’s leading law firms.

“In the South West, we are delighted to welcome such a highly-regarded figure as Matthew Newton to the Burcher Jennings team. Matthew, an accomplished advocate and negotiator, regularly authors expert articles on the changing law on costs. He will lead a locally recruited team of experienced costs draftsmen to provide a comprehensive range of services, in pricing and costs, for clients across the region.”

In October Burcher Jennings won the ‘best new entrant” award in the 2014 Modern Law Awards, recognising the market-leading innovation represented by their unique juxtaposing of pricing and costs expertise.

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