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Software needs to keep up with the latest trends, and one of the main requirements these days is to provide solutions that are mobile and flexible. The days of 9-5 working are fading fast, and what companies now need are solutions that allow employees to work from different locations during the hours that suit them.

DPS Spitfire provides just this. A web-based practice management software that lives in your browser, it is accessible from any device, anywhere. Email, calendar, tasks, time tracking, dictation, case management, and practice performance reports are all accessible in a single space in an online portal. Financial information corresponding to all clients and matters can also be accessed, making it possible to send bill requests, raise e-Chits, and look up client ledgers.

Let’s have a look at the main features and benefits…


DPS Spitfire is browser-based, meaning you aren’t limited to a Microsoft computer and can access it from your Mac, iPad, or smartphone. As long as you have access to the internet, you can simply log in. What’s more, Spitfire integrates fully with our Solicitors Practice Management Software and our Local Authority Legal Software.

Mobile and flexible

Work doesn’t always stop outside the office door, nor does it have to happen in the office. Spitfire is complemented by the iTime app for mobile devices, which opens up the option of working from the cafe round the corner, fitting work around the family, or when you have to wait in for a delivery.


Spitfire is fast – really fast. No more waiting for emails to load like with Outlook – you simply click and they load within a nanosecond.

Performance monitoring

Spitfire monitors key performance indicators and generates easy-to-interpret graphics. Standard monitors look at matters opened, closed, time recorded, billed and profit costs received, which can be measured up against monthly and annual targets to see how individuals, departments, or even branches are performing.

This is an incredibly powerful tool to have at your fingertips. Not only can you keep up to date with how each case is progressing, you can see areas of your business that could be improved or optimised for future growth.

Security in the cloud

Spitfire web-based case management is also highly secure. Two-factor authentication ensures that users cannot log in with merely a username and a password. Following a top security model similar to the one used in banks requires a unique number generated on the employee’s mobile phone at every login, at first login, or periodically, as required by the user.

Osman Ismail, the Managing Director of DPS, shared his thoughts on the new application: “The reality is that people now work as much from home as they do from the office and with the move towards an “always on”, “always available” culture, they need technology that enables them to embrace this more open style of working. Our clients have been demanding this technology and we are pleased to be able to deliver it so soon. Spitfire meets this demand in the most convenient way to the fee earner, merging his/her case management and email into one simple-to-use application.”


Excellent System

Spitfire’s ease of use and speed make it one of the more attractive CMS’s I have ever used. Even in zones where WiFi is poor, the speed of it left me very impressed. The functionality and level of detail provided also left me very impressed. I cannot recommend it enough.” James S – Managing Partner. Law practice, 11-50 employees.

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