DPS and BSI help law firms fight cyber attacks

dps-BSICyber Attacks are almost a daily occurrence and only 1 in 10 legal businesses undertake a Risk Assessment for Cyber Risk (according to the Business Continuity Forum) which means that law firms need to improve their cyber defences.

Legal technology provider DPS and BSI (the British Standards Institution) have joined forces to educate legal practitioners about the imminence of Cyber Attacks and the solutions available to deal with them.

The seminar will include sessions from DPS, BSI and the QBE Insurance Group, one of the world’s top 20 general insurance and reinsurance companies.

BSI’s session will focus on its quality standards designed to enable law firms to improve their performance and reduce risks.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the experts in this field how they can tackle IT security breaches, and mitigate the risks that new technology solutions bring to the table.

Speakers from QBE will also deliver a presentation on cyber insurance, highlighting the data security considerations and risk management policies that insurers look for when assessing a law firm.

DPS’s session will address the topic of hosted IT, explaining how this model meets QBE’s requirements in terms of information security in the cloud. DPS will present the process involved by the ISO 27001 Information Security Management accreditation which the company obtained in 2012, with assistance from BSI.

Having hosted and managed the data of legal businesses across the country for more than 10 years, DPS have a thorough understanding of the security issues facing law firms nowadays. Their session will profile the most common and hazardous Cyber Attacks and reveal the gaps in the data security policies and procedures of the modern legal business.

Real-life examples will complement the concepts presented during this half-day event.

Stephen Porter, management systems tutor at BSI shared his thoughts on this event:

“Cyber breaches are on the increase – and that is only set to continue with the modern workplace being transformed by technology. Ignorance has never given law firms immunity from security breaches, in fact, being unaware can make matters worse.

“Cyber risk has to be identified, analysed and evaluated before an appropriate risk strategy can be applied. By adopting good cyber security management frameworks such as the internationally recognized ISO 27001, law firms can mitigate risk effectively.

“This means that should the worst happen, and a breach occurs, they will be best placed to respond, contain, correct and ultimately protect their cyber security.”

Osman Ismail, the managing director of DPS, added: ‘’During our close collaboration with BSI, both parties have accumulated valuable knowledge about the cyber security issues affecting law firms.

“We wanted to share this expertise with those that need it – solicitors and practice managers- and have attempted to do so through webinars, white papers and various events that we attended. However, given the complexity of this topic we soon realised that the best knowledge-sharing platform for this purpose would be a seminar.

“It is a first for us and a unique opportunity for attendees to learn from our decade-long experience of hosting and protecting solicitors’ data from Cyber Attacks.’’

DPS and BSI will run two sessions of this event- the first is scheduled for the 30th September and second for the 21st October 2015. Both sessions will have the same content and will be held at the IBM Client Centre in London.

The seminar is free to attend and all those interested are invited to book a place on DPS’s website- http://www.dpssoftware.co.uk/event-details/cyber-essentials-seminar/

Solicitors and practice managers are also encouraged to join the company’s newly formed LinkedIn Group solely focused on the topic of cyber security for legal professionals.

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