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Don’t be afraid of GDPR say DPS Software

DPS Law firms using DPS software [1] shouldn’t worry too much about the effects of GDPR nor (subject to changes made by their software provider) should other firms. That’s the message from DPS Software. If firms are hosted DPS stressed the need to ensure that their hosting contract covers the Processor and Controller roles.

In the software house’s latest webinar ‘Get Ready for GDPR’ on 9th November 2017, they discussed the new data protection regulations and how they will specifically affect law firms. They looked at the specific changes needed in software to help clients be compliant. They then examined the changes in hosted contracts to make sure hosting companies like DPS Cloud fulfilled their full obligations.

“Well presented, informative and clear”, “tight and to the point”, “Ok it makes more sense now” were some of the comments from the near 50 firms that attended the sessions.

Andrew Graham, Projects and Development Adviser, said: “It is clear that GDPR will affect all law firms, but providing the basics are in place I don’t think it should be a massive cause for concern. There is a lot of scare mongering at the moment with many companies seeking to capitalise on the fear that has spread among firms with the incoming regulations.”

He continued: “the ICO aren’t looking to put firms out of business, they just want to prevent bad practices, so as long as firms show that they are following a process, then they will be fine.”

Scott Ridley, Director of DPS Software, added: “We have made the necessary changes to our systems to ensure that we, as a data processor for our hosted clients are GDPR compliant. We are using these changes to enhance the way DPS users communicate with their clients. We’ll be rolling these out early next year to give all of our clients peace of mind in knowing that their software and hosting service is they use it will be GDPR compliant.”