Does your website comply with price transparency rules?

Solve-Legal-MarketingFor many law firms, new rules on price transparency came into force on December 6th, 2018. With a widespread public shift in behaviour over recent years towards comparing providers online, the new rules make it even easier for consumers to make the best decision.

Your firm should now be asking itself if your your website is making the most of the new rules, or if you are losing ground to more forward-thinking competitors.

Our website review

With the new transparency rules in mind, our free law firm website audit now includes analysis of how your site currently fares under the rules. We also look at what you could improve to give your firm a competitive edge, while also complying with the regulations.

Useful even if you aren’t covered by the rules

Even if your law firm is not covered by the new SRA or CLC transparency rules, we believe many firms would benefit from implementing changes in line with the sentiment behind the new rules. Making details of your pricing and services clear on your website (even if you don’t want to compete solely on price) presents a great opportunity for you to show off your firm’s strengths and unique selling points.


You may for example, wish to take this opportunity to explain how qualified your staff are and why you represent great value for money. Alternatively, you could explain how your services include items that many other firms charge extra for. Embrace change and find the aspects of your law firm’s services that you are proud of and want to shout about.

Further to this, it also gives you an opportunity to improve your law firm’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Google and the other main search engines value detailed content that answers people’s questions and keeps visitors on your website.

What areas of law are covered by the new rules?

The areas of law covered by the new regulations include aspects of: probate, residential conveyancing, employment tribunals, immigration, motoring offences and business premises licensing applications.

What do you need to do to comply with the SRA regulations?

If you are affected by the rules, you’ll need to publish pricing information on your website, including what is contained within the displayed price. You’ll also need to state any services that are not included within the published pricing (that people may reasonably think would be included). The usual timescales for the provision of the service and the key stages of provision also need to be clarified on your website. The qualifications and experience of the people who carry out the work must also be published on your site.

Complaints handling and digital badge

Further to this, the SRA have stated that all regulated firms now have to publish their procedure for complaints handling. They also need to display the new SRA digital badge (authorised bodies will have been provided with a copy). The badge links through to a page on the SRA website which lists details about the firm (such as their Professional Indemnity Insurance cover level).

What should you do if you don’t know how to comply and effectively market your firm?

If you have held-off implementing changes, simply buried your head in the sand until now, or are unsure that the changes you have made best serve your commercial objectives, then we have a solution. Simply request our free website review from our legal marketing experts.

We’ll review your website and look at how it can be improved to help ensure the new rules benefit your law firm (rather than hinder you).

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