Do you know the difference between Coal and Brine?


Join Chris Milne, Technical Director at Terrafirma when he will be answering your questions and discussing ’10 things you didn’t know about Coal and Brine’.

What will be covered?

– Addressing misconceptions regarding coal mining and brine pumping

– Clarifying what the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board covers

– Facts and origins of salt and brine

– Case studies and records

– How Terrafirma use data and what screening is involved in their reports

Chris is a renowned mining engineer and has worked on several high-profile projects across the UK. He has been involved on projects relating to various types of mining-related ground stability and subsequent remediation. Chris is the co-founder of Ground Stiffness Surveys (GSS), an innovative ground investigation company who are specialist contractors, developers and researchers in Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) non-intrusive ground profiling technologies and within Terrafirma Chris acts as technical lead by supporting the professional development of the team, assisting the development of existing products and promoting new geotechnical applications.

Register here: and join us on Wednesday 5th June at 11am, we hope to see you there!

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