Dispelling the myths of voice recognition

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Have common misconceptions and outdated complaints led to you avoiding Voice Recognition?

1. I tried it years ago and it didn’t work

Advantages in technology over recent years means that Voice Recognition is a far superior product when compared to its predecessors. It’s now faster, more intelligent and more efficient than ever before.

As shown by Chatbots Magazine’s research, the vast majority of voice recognition improvements have been made since 2010. Nuance’s artificial intelligence-driven voice recognition achieved a 93% accuracy rate for the English language in version 12, increasing to 99% in the latest version 15 released in 2018. Further improvements and usability improvements are inevitable over the coming months and years, with Dragon voice recognition accuracy edging closer and closer to parity with humans.

2. It won’t understand my accent

A common question when it comes to VR is ‘How will my accent affect my Dragon Voice Recognition accuracy?’

There are over 86 different languages and dialects from around the world featured within the system. We got you covered!

With the rise of machine learning, Dragon voice recognition is able to train your voice recognition profile on your individual voice. Every time you use the software, your voice and accent is training the VR model to become even more accurate.

3. It costs too much

Nothing could be further from the truth! As well as lower prices through advanced technologies, voice recognition will save you time and increase your profits allowing fee earners to spend more time on billable activities.

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