Is disjointed technology holding you back?

Redbrick200Start by asking this: are lawyers and administrators spending valuable time looking for information – be it a document, client folder, phone number or billing details?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then the firm is most likely being held back by disjointed technology systems. By reducing the time wasted on inefficiencies, the capacity to take on more clients dramatically increases. Here’s the catch: most firms think they are leveraging technology but in reality – it isn’t working for them.

Now consider the following – a one-time setup that just works. Being able to access and input information from anywhere, on any device is the mark of an innovative modern law firm. And if this doesn’t sound like the typical law firm, they’re typically not leveraging technology solutions in their practice.

Alan Hilary, partner, Hewitts Ingham comments: “The Redbrick solution has improved the way we work entirely, and we haven’t looked back. We did look at other providers but to be honest none were so comprehensive, competitive in price or indeed so simple to use.

“We have, and continue to be delighted with the system. We can call up the team whenever we need advice or technical support and thanks to the free upgrades; we can make sure we stay ahead of our competition by offering our customers the latest in technology.

“Using the system has cut the time I spend on the phone dealing with queries by as much as 90%. It has sped up transaction times enormously and with all of my personal letter and form precedents set up, I can now run off documents in seconds, meaning I can respond to clients quicker than ever before, and I can react faster than my competitors could.”

When asked if Alan would recommend our solution to other firms he replied: “I wouldn’t want to, I don’t want my competitors catching up with me!”

Creating change with innovative solutions

A firm that tries to change one solution at a time doesn’t succeed in the long term. Instead, those that continually encourage employees to embrace new technology are forward thinking modern law firms with a competitive advantage.

Adam Cheal, owner, Fletcher Longstaff said: “Choosing Redbrick Solutions has helped massively with the integration of Word and Outlook, emails are tagged and dragged directly into the client file, saving me valuable time and ensuring a seamless experience.

“Redbrick Solutions also integrate with my accounts package from Quill which has removed further duplication from my firm. The letter templates are easy to amend, and it’s a very user-friendly system which has made my life much easier.”

When people are put first, using an innovative technology solution is intuitive and empowering – it really is that simple!

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