Did you know that cash flow is the second most pressing concern for law firms?

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We are excited to let you know about a great new feature we’ve developed to help you stay on top of your client payments.

Monies Received automatically updates your CMS when a client makes a payment to you via their digital wallet.

It allows you to instantly see when you’ve been paid without having to leave your CMS to check. This means you’ll be updated about a payment straight away, and Monies Received will automatically update your Key Stage for you.

Designed to save you time and effort, this lets you focus on the important things – such as drumming up new business and providing your clients with exceptional service.perfect portal

No development required!

perfect portalWe know you don’t have time for all the technical stuff, so we’ve developed Monies Received to work across all of our existing major integrations. It’s ready to go – with no development work required.

If you have Payment on Account enabled, not only will you receive email notification, but it will also automatically update the Key Stage – so you don’t have to. Plus, it will notify all relevant parties of the payment received too.

If you’ve got any questions we’re here to help.  Simply email helpdesk@perfectportal.co.uk 



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