Covid-19 two years on: the advent of a new working landscape for property professionals

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As we approach the pandemic’s second anniversary it’s fair to say that the world is a different place to when Covid-19 struck back in March 2020. For the vast majority of property professionals, the virus has been a catalyst for change, heralding the widespread digitalisation of many of the industry’s working practices.

Like so many industries, conveyancing has had to adapt and change in the wake of Covid-19 in order to survive. A silver lining to this difficult time is that much of this digital evolution has created a more streamlined way of working, to the benefit of conveyancers and their clients alike.

The use of automation, for example, has been able to relieve the burden of admin tasks and free up conveyancers to focus on their customer service and growing caseloads. Firms have also been forced to find new ways of interacting with their clients since the pandemic, now doing so through a range of technological options. These include apps, web chats, Zoom/Microsoft Teams meetings, webinars and online portals where clients are able to check on the progress of a property transaction at the click of a button.

A digital connection – either via a virtual meeting or through a portal – is often a far preferable alternative to face-to-face appointments for clients who are juggling busy lives. There will always be some customers who prefer to meet in person however, and it’s important for the industry to remember that however digital savvy their clients may become, customer service should always be prioritised.

At Thames Water this is something we hold dear. While we may not be as technologically advanced as some, we have long embraced the customer friendly aspects that technological solutions can provide. This is never at the expense of that personal touch that is so important to us and the clients who put their trust in us.

Once you’ve placed an order with Thames Water, your very own online dashboard shows you when you can expect each search result to arrive, offering you and your customers reassurance and peace of mind.

A recent survey found that the vast majority of conveyancers believe paper and manual processes will have “all but gone” by 2025, with 79 per cent suggesting that those who are yet to use technology run the risk of falling behind their competitors.

When conveyancers were facing last year’s record levels of transactions, the move to e-conveyancing helped them to cope with the increased demands on their time.

We’d like to remind our customers that while some working practices may have evolved over the last two years, Thames Water Property Searches‘ commitment to customer service remains the same.


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