Core Legal finance director creates personal finance guidebook

Front cover of ‘Make the most of your money – How to budget, save and manage your finances’

So, it’s the start of a new year and here we are dreading the credit card statement about to land on our doormats.  Does this sound familiar? Many people make one of their New Year’s resolutions to ‘manage their money better’ yet all of that is normally out of the window by the end of the first week… how are you doing so far? Generally, ‘money’ doesn’t come with a handbook. We tend to pick up our beliefs, habits and opinions from friends, family and influencers around us. Hopefully this is working for you. But if you have been crunched in recent times, then perhaps it’s time to try something new this year.

The Finance Director of CoreLegal and CEO of Boogles Bookkeeping, Lisa Newton has written the personal finance guide Make The Most Of Your Money. Lisa says “I work with small businesses, solopreneurs, sole practitioners and it doesn’t matter whether you are highly paid or lowly paid, people still have problems around running out of money and getting themselves into too much debt. The book is aimed at individuals – regardless or not of whether they’re running a business… although when you do run your own business your finances can be even more precarious because nothing is guaranteed… and so the businesses performance can affect your personal finances.”

Lisa adds: “One of the common mistakes that solicitors make, is that they think they should spend in accordance with an image that they want to project… that’s all well and good (if you can afford it)… but if you can’t, then its time to reign it in.” Newton, who is a Fellow Member of the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) and has an MSc from City University in Investment Management states: “Even people in the City who have big bonuses and accountants can find that although they’re good at making and managing money for others – they’re not so good at it for themselves. So, it’s a skill which everyone needs to have if they’re going to lead a stress-free life. Everyone needs to learn how to manage their money properly.”

For a sound extract of Chapter 29, How The Rich Get Richer, listen here:

The book is available on Amazon:

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