How conveyancing ‘front of house’ will improve your conversion rate

The Move ExchangeGiven the volume of complaints that the industry receives, it could be said that conveyancers don’t have the best reputation.

Whether the process is too complicated, communication is missing the mark, or the transaction is simply taking too long to complete, those who are responsible for the legal side of the process seem to receive the most stick.

Time has a big part to play here – or rather, the lack of it. No matter how high customer service is on the list of priorities, heavy caseloads and clients keen to move into their new home can easily take over, with the workload of an individual or even an entire firm beginning to overflow. As a result, there is a fall in the standard of service that conveyancers set out to provide – something which is neither in the interests of the professional or the consumer.

Recognising this common hurdle for firms and aiming to support conveyancers with the efficient management of new business, The Move Exchange, part of the Lawyer Checker and Solve Legal Marketing group of companies, provides professionals with a bespoke front of house service, designed to alleviate this pressure that many face on a daily basis.

Law firms are busy places and staff barely have time to answer the phone, let alone get to grips with the client’s individual needs; according to a report conducted by Professors’ Ian & Howard Cooper, professionals attempted to build rapport with consumers in just 8% of calls. As a result, staff may neglect or put off converting a lead altogether, meaning new business leads are overlooked and key opportunities missed – our own research revealed that firms are notoriously bad at not only converting quotes, but also providing them in the first place.

However, in the majority of cases, it’s certainly not the staff that are to blame. As well as a lack of time, an absence of training could mean that many are simply unequipped to deal with new enquiries effectively, failing to follow them up. This could be down to how they’re viewed in a professional environment, with the Cooper study revealing that 85% of firms seem to regard to the provision of a ‘residential conveyancing quote’ as a purely ‘low level’ administrative task.

Of course, when considering the potential benefits of enquiry management, the prospect of a quote being successfully converted seems to grow in importance.

Here at The Move Exchange, we understand the difficulties that firms face when it comes to managing new enquiries, having launched our professional Front of House service last year.

Tailored to the needs of your firm, the services we offer include a quote conversion and lead management, focussing on generating new business without you having to pay large referral fees.

Trained by Professor Howard Cooper in sales psychology, our professional team take the time to get to know your firm, adopting core values and staying up to date with any changes.

As our team are committed to converting quotes every day, this remains at the top of the priority list, enabling us to guarantee that clients will be followed up, with quotes being provided there and then.

By diverting some or all of your initial enquiry calls to our team, your firm can relieve the pressure of dealing with new business as well as being ensured that new clients are followed up in a professional way.

From mere overspill to completely outsourcing your new business, including panel work, The Move Exchange’s experienced team can provide quotes according to your fee scales, make welcome calls, open files on your case management system, and much more.

To discover more about how our front of house service could benefit your firm, contact Jennifer Davies at or call 0330 223 2913.

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