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Concert NetworksThe Legal Services Communication Report 2017 by Concert Networks sets out to discover the best (and not so good) practices in communication among some of the UK’s top law firms. Our research has expanded again this year and we believe it’s fair to say that most legal communication is still inadequate.

We’re now in the fourth year of this report into communication between law firms and their clients, and the findings each year continue to fascinate us.

As with the previous years, our approach to this report was simple; we called 40 leading law firms, at three different points in the day to find out how they respond to incoming enquiries.

Some headlines from the findings are:

  • 47 seconds – The average time spent on hold. This is long enough to cause frustration, only 38% of new enquiries will hold for over a minute.
  • 36% – The percentage of calls where our contact details were taken. The data this year indicates that law firm’s tendency to do this is not only not improving, it is regressing.
  • Follow-ups are only carried out for less than a quarter of enquiries. Meaning law firms are still sacrificing many new enquiries.

Our full report is free to download and contains many more insights for law firms and clear guidance on how to improve your firm’s communications. You can download our full report here.

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