Client Communication is Key to Success

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Good client communication is key to a law firm’s success. Better communication leads to stronger client experiences, increased positive reviews, and more potential referrals. Your clients may be weighing the pros and cons of doing business with you, so you’ll want to make yourself indispensable and now, more than ever, technology plays an increasingly important part of the home buying and selling process.

The majority of home buyers now use online property portals to find properties and most are using similar technology to make the buying process safer and more efficient. The customer journey in conveyancing has been improved through technology using tools such as price calculators, online chat and portals showing the conveyancing process in real-time. Embracing technology in conveyancing is becoming more vital and many recent changes will be here to stay.

Increasingly, clients expect to have services provided to them at their convenience and on different devices. To meet these expectations, firms need to provide services in the same way. Redbrick Solutions deliver a high level of service to clients by providing automatic 24/7 online case tracking. Details are updated in real-time, enabling clients to have access to case updates at their convenience. Text and Email messages can be pre-programmed into workflows so that they are sent automatically at key milestones, keeping clients up to date and improving client satisfaction.

Communicating proactively can also reduce the number of inbound calls and emails because client queries have already been addressed and answered. Proactive communication can reduce the volume of inbound phone calls by up to 40%, leaving you free to progress your matters more efficiently. It is not only clients that can be updated automatically but agents can also use the online tracking service to quickly see updates across all of the properties they have referred to you. You are in control of what is displayed in the tracking portal and can embed it into your own website.

The latest case management software does much to control, automate, and drive efficiency into the conveyancing process. Redbrick Solutions Case Management can save time by automating much of the process, from producing quotes to completing ID checks, Land Registry submissions and ordering searches to producing completion statements. The online portal allows the conveyancer to upload documents for the client to complete and sign electronically, providing a better service for the client and a more efficient and stress-free transaction for all concerned.

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