Clarified Premium Terms Better Meet Customer Needs

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15 March 2017

Jon Horton

Jon Horton, Account Director at tmgroup

tmgroup are pleased to report that they have recently made some minor amendments to key sections of their Premium Terms, adding clarity on certain points to better support their customers’ needs.

These updates follow the official launch of the Premium Terms in September 2016, offering a whole of market approach; enabling customers to rely on a single set of Premium Terms irrespective of which customer has ordered the searches from tmgroup.

The warranties and subsequent £20 million indemnity offered under these terms stand ahead of any third party supplier terms, thus addressing the liability chain in the event of a claim. It also means that third party terms do not need reviewing, thus saving further time.

The terms Definitions and Interpretations will also satisfy reliance on search results associated with Islamic Finance underwritten according to Sharia Law.

Customers on Premium Terms also benefit from additional services

By signing up to Premium Terms, tmgroup customers can also benefit from a host of additional services, including:

  • End to end management of property portfolios
  • Managed case
  • LR volume orders including register extract service
  • tm clinics
  • Transition management

Jon Horton, Account Director at tmgroup, comments:

“These changes to our Premium Terms underline our understanding of the commercial real estate market, by listening to our customers and shaping our services to meet their needs. The complimentary Premium Services reiterate our core business message that ‘we make time for you’.”

About Premium

Information about Premium is available on our website and from your Account Management Team.

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