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Claim Technology showcases integration with Amazon’s Alexa, enabling voice controlled claims processes

Claim Technology [1]Following speculation of Amazon’s entrance into the insurance market, Claim Technology [2] demonstrated an integration between their claims chatbot, Robin, and Amazon’s Alexa, at the Insurance Times Insurance 2025 event in London.

Attendees watched a demo of a customer using natural conversation with Alexa to self-serve a medical appointment.  Alexa prompted the customer that an appointment needed to be made, checked their availability and preferred appointment location and then automatically confirmed the medical appointment in the doctor’s diary.

The integration leverages Claim Technology’s Claims-as-a-Service platform, which helps companies automate their claims processes in the cloud and Nephos’s network of independent medical experts and industry-leading medical reporting software, which has been used to produce over 1 million medical reports for UK solicitors.

“Empowering customers to self-serve their own claims in real-time is a win-win situation for insurers and their customers” commented Michael Lewis, CEO of Claim Technology. “This also enables insurers and solicitors to achieve substantial cost savings against the standard medical report cost of £180.”

Benefits for the Claims Sector:

Shorten the claims lifecycle.  Our self-serve claims solution speeds up the process for booking a medical appointment and obtaining a medical report in order to value an injury claim.