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Claim Technology announce partnership with Photocert, powering image validation-as-a-service

Claim TechnologyClaim Technology [1] are delighted to announce a partnership with leading photo certification software provider, Photocert.  Photocert can now validate that photos submitted using the Claim Technology UI are genuine and have not been tampered with.

Photocert’s CEO, Pasquale Saviano commented “our partnership with Claim Technology represents another step in our strategic direction towards using AI for the benefit of the insurance industry.”

The integration of Photocert image certification capabilities into the Claim Technology Claims-as-a-Service platform can help insurers and solicitors more easily detect fraudulent claims. Alerts are triggered when an image is not genuine, for example when it has been downloaded from internet or exists in an existing internal database.

Noteworthy in this integration is the cutting-edge use of Blockchain for the claims-process, used to detect if the same image has been used previously in an insurance claim.

Benefits for the Claims Sector: