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Claim Technology announce partnership with Nephos, powering medical appointments-as-a-service

Claim TechnologyClaim Technology [1] are delighted to announce a partnership with leading medical reporting  software provider, Nephos Solutions. Nephos Solutions helps independent experts and MROs provide medical reports to UK solicitors.

Claim Technology will harness the power of Nephos Solutions, combined with their own cutting-edge conversational interface to provide Medical Appointments-as-a-Service for the claims industry.

“Using Nephos’s network of independent medical experts and industry-leading medical reporting software, Claim Technology can now offer a self-serve solution for claimants needing a medical appointment/report to value their personal injury claim.” commented Michael Lewis, CEO of Claim Technology. “From checking availability and booking a medical appointment to obtaining a medical report using our web-based AI chatbot, Robin, this partnership adds an exciting string to our Claims-as-a-Service bow.”

Benefits for the Claims Sector:

Integration with Medco.  For RTA medical appointments, our solution supports a self-serve booking from the list of Medco-nominated experts.