CILEx Law School’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager wins place on national apprenticeship advisory panel

Kathryn Jack

Kathryn Jack, CILEx Law School’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager

CILEx Law School’s Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager Kathryn Jack has been selected to join the Institute for Apprenticeship’s Apprentice Panel.

The Institute was seeking current or recent apprentices to join the Panel.

The newly appointed Panel will draw on their experiences to have a say on changes to policies which affect current and future apprentices.

Despite being just 24 Kathryn brings a huge amount of experience to the role.

She completed an intermediate business administration apprenticeship with the University of Bedfordshire before coming to CILEx Law School at 17 to do an advanced intermediate business administration apprenticeship.

This September, she continues her apprenticeship journey when she starts a Chartered Manager Apprenticeship at Aston University.

Kathryn, who manages two apprentices in her current role and acts as an apprentice ambassador, praised CILEx Law School for the support it has given her during her continuous professional development.

She said: “My absolute commitment to apprenticeships is based on personal experience; I would not be in the job I am doing now without being given the chance to progress via the apprenticeship structure. My apprenticeships have given me the opportunity to showcase my skills and my work ethic in a professional environment.

“I am now in the position where my directors are pushing me to continue my academic studies and provide me with off the job learning time as a degree apprentice. I had always wanted a degree but did not want the debt that came along with it.

“I want to inspire others, especially from working class backgrounds who do not think they can achieve – when they can. Anyone who wishes to achieve will succeed, and apprenticeships provide this platform. I now manage my own team of two apprentices, advising candidates about legal apprenticeships. I absolutely love managing them and cannot wait to watch their career development.

“I will take this experience into my new role as part of the Institute’s Panel. It means a lot to me to be chosen and I feel honoured to be involved with such a body.”

Jenny Pelling, Director of Business and Apprenticeships at CLS, said: “Kathryn is a real apprenticeship success story and a true asset for CILEx Law School. She embodies everything positive about apprenticeships and her enthusiasm for them is palpable.

“I have no doubt that she will take on her responsibilities at the Institute with the same enthusiasm with which she approaches everything else and will draw on her experience to benefit current and future apprentices.”

Sir Gerry Berragan, Chief Executive of the Institute, said: “The Institute for Apprenticeships is committed to ensuring that apprentices have a say in changes to apprenticeship policy, and the chance to improve the experience of those who follow them.

“A Panel of Apprentices has been in place since the launch of the Institute in April 2017 and it has played an important role in making sure the needs of apprentices are at the heart of every decision we take.

“The panel reports to the Institute’s Board and its members provide the Institute with feedback on issues and their experiences. The panel will decide for itself which issues to focus on and can make recommendations to the board on any aspect of apprenticeships that fall within the Institute’s remit.

“The good work of the Institute is helped by the time and expertise so generously given by its Apprentice Panel members, so I am delighted to welcome our new members.”

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