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Certainty now have cross-border will search capability

Certainty National Will RegisterIn addition to searching in England and Wales, Certainty the National Will Register [1] now provides the capability to search law firms and Will writers to see if a Will exists in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How does this help me?

You may be distributing an estate where the deceased lived in England or Wales but had family roots, or had lived or worked during their lifetime in Scotland or Northern Ireland. You may therefore feel it important to establish if an unknown Will or a later Will exists in these countries.

A Certainty Will Search is proven to protect against an unknown Will or later Will coming forward after distribution. In fact, at least one in every ten Certainty Will Searches does just that and identifies and locates an unknown Will or a Will that supersedes the one that was to be used to distribute the estate with!

To search locations in Scotland and Northern Ireland you will need to carry out a Certainty Will Search Combined which performs the following:

A Certainty Will Search Combined is an allowable disbursement from the estate of £95 +vat

There are various ways to implement a Certainty Will Search Combined, you can:

Email enquiries@certainty.co.uk [3]