Certainty and Bold Legal Group working together

The Bold Legal Group (BLG) has recently entered into a partnership with Certainty The National Will Register. Founded by Rob Hailstone (a former conveyancer) nearly three years ago, BLG helps law firms combat the many threats and issues that high street law firms face now and will face in the future. The group now has a membership of over 200 firms. Rob is highly respected in the legal profession and was at the forefront of the campaign which helped to bring about HSBC’s decision to expand it mortgage panel.

Bold Legal Group has all of its major decisions, projects, plans and ideas approved by a steering committee made up of eight members firms. The objective of the BLG is to share solutions across member practices empowering them to confidently embrace and exploit the new opportunities that the changing legal landscape creates and to ensure that consumers have continued access to good efficient legal advice and help throughout England and Wales.

As a result of its working partnership with Certainty, BLG members who offer Wills & Probate services can now enjoy full membership with Certainty at a pre agreed rate, providing full access to the National Will Register, TOUCH Management/Client Retention system and the National Will search system. Individually and collectively these services assist law firms with issues relating to Risk Management, Professional Indemnity Insurance, COLP, avoiding the risk of negligence, marketing, client care and income.

Certainty Will search provides assurance to the COLP by showing that a legally referenced process has been undertaken to help avoid the discovery of a Will or a later after distribution. Will Search is used by law firms, Certainty members and non-members, probate researchers, the Treasury Solicitor, members of the public and other authorised organisations.

Rob Hailstone, Founder of Bold Legal Group says “Having been involved in the legal profession for so long I am usually very cynical about some services provided to lawyers by a number of businesses. However, it makes a refreshing change to work with a company (Certainty) who has a product and service that so obviously benefits both the client and the lawyer. Many of my BLG members work with and recommend Certainty. If it is good enough for them it is Certainly (sorry!) good enough for me.”

One BLG member said recently “We were offered Certainty around three years ago and turned down the chance to be a founder member. The following year we were approached again and joined, also making use of the CRM system which is excellent. We include registration for new clients in our Will service and our existing Will bank of around 11,000 can be registered free of charge. We decided to gain client consent and this gives an excellent reason to contact our Will bank to register and then review their situation. You can drop in your existing client data base into the CRM and produce letters or you can do it on a phased basis. They provide some very good precedent letters.”

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