Casedo unveils its newest software release

CasedoCasedo today announced the release of the most recent update to its legal analysis platform. The update offers users new options for paginating their court bundles and smoother navigation of their legal research and analysis.

“Our newest update is designed to enable you to easily produce bundles with the page numbering exactly as you want it” says Ross Birbeck, the founder and inventor of Casedo. “We’re really excited for people to start using the newest version, and seeing how simple court bundling can be!”.

New court pagination capabilities save hours of wasted energy

In the past, the court pagination process has been an infuriating task. Now, with the newest Casedo update, producing a properly paginated court bundle has never been easier. The Casedo software allows users to create and organise their court bundle as they work on their case — saving hours of organising documents and folders when the case is ready to go to court. Where before adding a piece of evidence or information to an already completed bundle could take up valuable time, the automatic pagination feature now makes this a quick and simple task.

Go-to-page navigation: be on the ball, all the time 

Perhaps the niftiest feature of the Casedo software update is the go-to-page navigation. A small, unassuming navigation bar at the top of the window may well become a Casedo lawyer’s new best friend. The next time they need to flick to a specific page in the bundle, a Casedo lawyer will just have to type the number in question into the navigation bar, and the software will go straight to the page. And there’s nothing more impressive than consistently being the first one with the answers — right?

The software is available now, simply by downloading it and getting a license key. For more information on the workspace changing the way lawyers work, and top tips on how to use it, visit Stay tuned for upcoming updates!


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