Casedo gives me the feeling of using a paper bundle

Casedo 200Before Casedo, I worked in London for a property management company as Legal Counsel, and I was largely paperless there. When I moved into practice, I immediately started looking for software that would help me become paperless in practice. Since the pandemic started, the whole industry has started working digitally, which was lucky for my quest to become paperless. I was desperately keen not to be one of those people who gets PDF files of court bundles and prints them all out.

From the first moment I used Casedo, I always found it effortless. Although there are a number of features that take a little bit of learning, it’s very easy to get going.

The ability to lay out the documents easily and navigate through them truly gives me the feeling of having a paper bundle. Through the Index, I can see all of my documents, bookmarks and how big my bundle is, much like putting tabs in a paper bundle.

I now use Casedo for every case, both my court cases and paperwork cases. It’s just a valuable tool to keep everything in place neatly.

To give an example: When drafting a witness statement for somebody, often, that witness statement will reference a document that might be in the court bundle. Rather than going back and asking for copies of those documents, I use Casedo to navigate through the bundle quickly and separate out what I need so I can attach the relevant exhibits to the statement.

I would say that there are many exciting features in Casedo, but the ability to turn pages around is my favourite. It is a simple pleasure. The software also gives me the ability to colour code documents and bookmarks, which I think is very useful.

Much like all practice areas, there tends to be a lot of documents in civil cases. The ability to interrogate those properly and move between them easily is vital to my practice area. It is great to have the ability to pull all documents together and use the Desk Space area to have my instructions and other relevant pieces when preparing for submissions.

I have recommended Casedo to others, and I still do. I think Casedo is exactly what lawyers need for their practice. Lawyers don’t need something that just makes a PDF file or bundle. Lawyers need something that can operate across large bundles of paper, providing them with something they can use in court without using paper.

Christian Fox is a barrister at Becket Chambers with expertise in General Civil law. He also accepts cases in other areas such as Property law. He is a past Chairman of the Dairy Council.


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