Casedo announces release of key e-bundling tools in major feature release

CasedoCasedo, the legal software that simplifies document analysis, research and organisation, has just announced the release of v1.3. The suite of new tools offers users additional tools to create court compliant e-bundles in a matter of minutes. Casedo allows users to bring together dozens of related documents into a single space where they can be marked up, reorganised and managed as a single shareable file.

The new features include:

  • Single click Table of Contents creation of the prepared bundle
  • Customisable pagination, including inserts and exclusions
  • Import and export of bookmarks from and to standard pdfs
  • Export for double-sided printing

These additional features position Casedo as the world’s best e-bundling tool. With its intuitive drag ‘n drop interface, designed and created by working barrister Ross Birkbeck, complex e-bundles can now be created very easily, and exported for printing or reading as pdfs.

Once created and organised, e-bundles are often set in stone. But not in Casedo, where they can be rearranged and added to ad infinitum, with pagination and the  table of contents refreshed at a single click.

“I created Casedo because there was no simple and flexible way to bring my documents together for legal analysis, advice and presentation. Now with the new feature set we have also made it the worlds best e-bundling tool, and I will no longer have to waste hours building and updating bundles by hand.”

Ross Birkbeck, Casedo CEO, inventor, barrister

Casedo, always simple, never simplistic.


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