Casedo adds four more file types to its import line up

Casedo 200By Legal Futures Associate Casedo

Casedo now recognises PNG, JPG, TXT and RTF files for direct import.

Legal professionals can receive hundreds or thousands of documents of different types regarding the same Matter. Making coherent sense of these documents is the core of legal work. How to handle the documents so that they are both easily accessible and ‘workable’ is a thorny issue that continues to vex those in the industry.

Receiving documents even as one file type can be tricky. Receiving 50 separate PDF documents around a single matter usually means opening up fifty separate tabs in a PDF editor each time the matter needs to be looked at. Related sections of different documents can’t be linked easily, and getting a ‘sense’ of the Matter as a whole, is difficult.

This problem become far more difficult to deal with as different file types are added. Word Documents mean opening up Word, each document in a new window. Email needs to be downloaded and viewed separately again, with any attachments downloaded and opened separately.

This doesn’t even take into account where all this is stored.

For several years now Casedo has had the solution to the above: PDFs, Word documents and email can be dragged into and viewed in Casedo as if they are a single document, email attachments appear automatically inside a folder within the application. All documents sit within a single discreet Casedo casefile, and can be accessed and opened with a single click (and of course, archived).

Casedo is delighted to announce an expansion of the file types that can be imported into Casedo. To date image files needed to be saved as PDFs before being imported into Casedo, but now they can be imported direct.

Yes, Casedo now recognises for import both PNG and JPG (JPEG on Mac) files. This is a boon to Matters involving photographs and other imagery, particularly as image rotation can be done within Casedo itself.

Additionally the new Casedo also recognises both TXT and RTF files for import, a great addition to the document recognition features in the application.

Users can try Casedo completely free for 30 days, by signing up HERE.

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