Case study: Immediate retirement following Cash Flow Planning

Saunderson HouseThe following is a real-life case study relating to two of our clients (pseudonyms have been used).

Client(s): Mr Hansford (56) and his wife, Mrs Hansford (53). 

Background: Mr Hansford is a partner at Chamberlain Grant LLP.

During an initial meeting with his Saunderson House adviser, Mr Hansford explained he had been considering retiring from his position as a partner at Chamberlain Grant LLP in the next year or so. He was hesitant about doing so however, as he wanted to be sure that he and his wife would have sufficient funds in their portfolio to maintain their standard of living over the long-term, and be in a position to gift additional monies to their children for property purchases.

We offered to perform a Long-Term Cash Flow Forecast – inputting their current position, future plans and estimated level of expenditure in retirement. The Cash Flow Forecast then projected their financial position using a number of prudent assumptions, allowing them to see:
i) how a given level of expenditure and gifting could be sustained over the long-term
ii) the actions we would likely recommend at various points in the future, to help maximise the tax-efficiency of their income.

To help Mr and Mrs Hansford understand the impacts of unforeseen events to their portfolio, we adjust the model to demonstrate the difference in position for any number of scenarios, such as rise in their level of expenditure, increased inflation, or a decision to downsize their home.

The Cash Flow Forecast clearly demonstrated that Mr and Mrs Hansford were financially independent and could comfortably choose to retire from paid employment immediately at that time. With this reassurance to hand, Mr Hansford subsequently gave notice to Chamberlain Grant LLP and is preparing to enjoy his retirement.

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