Carey Olsen achieve impressive results through Peppermint’s Business Development CRM solution

Peppermint TechnologyLeading offshore, global law firm Carey Olsen choose Peppermint Technology’s legal CRM software to support their business development objectives.

Having established a clear client-centric growth strategy, underpinned by strong business relationships, Carey Olsen recognised the need to transform how they approached CRM and selected Peppermint’s Business Development CRM solution to support the achievement of their goals.

Peppermint Technology offers the legal market an opportunity to transform how they do business. Their core solution, Peppermint CX, provides the full suite of legal applications [and their] new modular consumption option provides forward-thinking legal businesses the flexibility to phase implementation alongside their business strategy. With CRM as a priority, Carey Olsen chose to focus initial implementation on Peppermint’s legal CRM module.

In June 2018, Carey Olsen successfully went live on Peppermint’s Business Development CRM solution across all nine international offices.

Anna Coombs, Brand & Marketing Communications Manager at Carey Olsen, commented on the change in perceptions since implementation of Peppermint’s CRM solution “Our last system was little more than an address book, not a CRM and people did not use or trust the data.  It is now seen as a business-critical system – a central hub, which allows us to be joined up and share intelligent and rich data.”

In the months since implementation Carey Olsen are achieving impressive results. In the first four months following implementation mailings in this period showed open rates up by 55 per cent, click rates up by 26 per cent, undeliverables down by 14 per cent and unsubscribes down 70 per cent, compared to the same period in 2017.

James Prouten, Group Head of Technology at Carey Olsen, commented “We are on the start of the Peppermint journey and are actively looking at Peppermint’s online portal, practice management system and other offerings.”

Gary Young, CEO at Peppermint Technology added “I am delighted that our Business Development CRM software is helping to deliver real commercial and customer benefit.  Whilst it definitely helps, technology on its own will not transform a business.  Firms like Carey Olsen understand the importance of customer centricity, combined with modern software tooling, to achieve success.  We look forward to working with the fantastic team at Carey Olsen to generate more value from our CRM software and our other complementary solutions.”

Find out more about how Carey Olsen is leveraging Peppermint’s transformative technology to maximise its CRM capabilities in a new case study available on the Peppermint website.

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