Burges Salmon transforms legal document production with BigHand

BigHandBigHand has shared its latest case study with UK law firm Burges Salmon. The firm turned to BigHand Document Creation to overhaul its legal document and template workflows.

Having identified the limitations of its existing legacy application, Burges Salmon recognised the need for a modern, intuitive application with the latest features for creating and managing legal documents. The firm wanted a solution that was advanced yet user-friendly and could be easily accessed and used by different members of an expanding team.

“From the end user’s perspective, we now have a much slicker, streamlined process in place for creating documents. The menus are now very similar across the different templates. It creates ease, especially when you are providing training or picking things up from new.” explains Fiona Nicol, Business Project Manager.

Lee Davey, Deputy Head of Technology and Operations, echoed Fiona’s positivity, expressing his satisfaction with BigHand’s alignment with Burges Salmon’s values. He stated, “BigHand Document Creation solution met all of our requirements. We were pleased about this, as we know they are a company that shares many of our own values. They treat us as partners and vice versa.”

Since implementing Document Creation, Burges Salmon has significantly transformed its document creation process, with increased reliability and improved usability. The application’s ease of use and beginner friendly interface have also supported the onboarding of new employees across various departments.

With Document Creation’s success, Burges Salmon is planning to further expand on its relationship with BigHand, having recently adopted BigHand Matter Pricing – its AI-enabled matter budgeting, pricing and tracking tool.

“We have built a strong partnership with BigHand and are now looking for their support with other areas of our technology evolution. We see this as the foundation for a long-term relationship that will support our vision for Burges Salmon’s digital transformation”, concludes Lee.

The partnership between Burges Salmon and BigHand highlights the firm’s dedication to delivering exceptional client service through continued innovation and operational efficiency gains.

Read the full case study here.


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