Bridge Employment Law recommends “outstanding”, “first-class” Quill Type service

QuillOne of the early adopters of Quill’s outsourced typing service, Quill Type, is Bridge Employment Law. Type allows Bridge Employment Law to free up valuable weekend time, turn around documents quicker, reduce administration costs and rely on accurate document production.

Claire Horsfield, Affiliate Legal Executive at Bridge Employment Law, explains: “We mostly use Type at weekends to dictate documents that we haven’t had time to do during the week. This gives us the chance to catch up with any backlog accrued, and enjoy much-needed downtime with family and friends.

“The speed with which typed-up documents are returned is first-class. It’s not unusual to get short documents such as letters within ten minutes. Even complicated items, for example multi-speaker meeting dictations, if submitted in the evening are ready-and-waiting in fully transcribed form the next morning.”

It’s been proven that firms choosing Quill’s pay-as-you-go outsourced typing model can save up to 40% on their administration overheads compared to in-house costs.

“With employment law, workload can fluctuate on a week-by-week basis,” adds Claire. “With Type, there’s one set fee based on length of dictation. You only pay for what you use. We have complete control over our finances which flex according to how busy or quiet our workload is.”

Another advantage of outsourced typing is close-to-100% accuracy rates as outsourcing specialists are trained legal secretaries who possess expert technical knowledge.

“Documents are flawless,” continues Claire. “If the Quill team isn’t sure of any sections of text because of difficult-to-decipher dictations, they’re highlighted for us to check. This makes the proof-reading process quick and easy.

“When you consider that we’re a northern-based practice with offices in York and Leeds employing mostly people with strong regional accents, the high quality of our typed documents is even more impressive. We recently held a meeting whereby attendees were speaking into a dictation device sitting in the middle of the table. The ensuing recording had softly spoken passages and everything was said with a Yorkshire twang. Even with this challenging task, Quill captured 95% of the conversation in the transcription.”

Touching upon some of the other benefits of Type, Claire highlights remote working capabilities and third-party endorsements: “The ability to dictate from wherever you like is a huge bonus. We dictate from car parks between meetings, court before hearings, home out of hours, anywhere. This means we’ve cut down on dead time because we’re able to utilise every spare minute of the working day. No time’s wasted. We’ve maximised efficiency in the process.

“Where the law’s concerned, recommendations from trusted sources go a long way. With Type powered by Document Direct, the fact it’s endorsed by the likes of the Manchester Law Society is deeply reassuring. We didn’t have to do our own vetting as it’s already been done by objective industry bodies.”

In her concluding statement, Claire says: “The Type service and customer service which supports it is excellent, both when we’re dealing with Quill and Document Direct. Not only are they responsive and helpful, they’re also prepared to go the extra mile to keep clients happy. To give an example of this, we’re currently exploring the possibility together of producing separate bills relating to different clients to assist with charging disbursements against matters. Their willingness to go above and beyond is an outstanding merit.”

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