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BMS Funding announce integration with Claim Technology, introducing a revolutionary AI claims platform for digital self-serve

Claim TechnologyBy Legal Futures’ Associate Claim Technology [1]

BMS Funding are known for their innovation and expertise in response to new legislation, conceived in response to the 2013 Jackson Reforms [2]. Since then, their next-gen solutions make it possible for claimants to continue to benefit from representation and for law firms and insurers to provide access to justice.

The upcoming 2019 Civil Liabilities Bill [3], (also known as the Whiplash Reforms) will see huge changes to the industry once again. The cost of processing a personal injury claim in a traditional manner will become prohibitive, and law firms will need to digitise in order to run cases profitably.

Recognising the urgency of this situation, BMS Funding are delighted to announce their partnership with Claim Technology, the first company to provide Claims-as-a-Service. By leveraging Claim Technology’s industry-leading platform, they will launch a fully digital, “touchless” personal injury claims solution ahead of the planned reforms.

“Our claims automation capability will save hours of ‘touch time’ on processing a claim and transform the customer experience through innovative digital self-service.” – Michael Lewis, CEO Claim Technology

Benefits for the Claims Sector: