BLS launches online video initiative with mmadigital

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9 July 2015

mma and BLS

Amy Henley (left) from mmadigital, Dean Parnell (right) from BLS

Birmingham Law Society is delighted to announce to its members that it has entered into an exciting new contract with leading online digital marketing company, mmadigital. As part of this arrangement mmadigital ( will be producing a range of videos for the Society covering some of its key events over the next 12 months.

Although Birmingham Law Society was the first regional law society to use video as a means of engaging with its members (which included setting up its own YouTube channel in 2010), this will be the first time that the Society has engaged professional video support. Dean Parnell, BLS Finance Director and partner of Sydney Mitchell said, “mmadigital has a great track record of producing top quality professional videos and there is no doubt that with their support we will be able to engage with more of our members and let them see the great work that BLS is doing for them. It will also help to show our members how the society promotes our city, the region and our outstanding legal community”.

Having launched as a start-up in 2012, mmadigital has moved from strength to strength, establishing itself as one of the leading digital marketing companies specialising in the legal sector. Dez Derry, CEO of mmadigital said, “We have shown a real commitment to the legal profession and have already worked with over 100 law firms. However, the opportunity of working with the largest regional law society over the next 12 months is a particularly exciting prospect. There is no doubt that BLS is a dynamic organisation with some great ideas/initiatives, and we very much hope that we will be able to capture all of this within the videos that we will be producing for them”.

As part of this new arrangement with mmadigitial, the society is exploring possible benefits that may be passed on to members. In addition, mmadigital have agreed to provide our members with a range of interesting articles which will be aimed at providing some digital ‘top tips’ to help our members improve their businesses and online presence.


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