Blake Morgan leverage Peppermint Technology to consolidate working practices and achieve a single source of data across the firm

Peppermint TechnologyBeing the firm of choice for its clients and people, Blake Morgan chose Peppermint’s technology as an enabler for business success.

As a national full-service law firm, Blake Morgan were seeking to simplify processes, unite people and connect their data in order to maintain their plans for growth. Having completed an assessment of the marketplace, Blake Morgan recognised that Peppermint Technology were the right partner to help them consolidate systems, streamline operations and achieve a single view of the client.

Matthew Clarke, Finance Director for Blake Morgan reflects “We were drawn to Peppermint from both an innovation and technology platform perspective.  We recognised it would improve engagement with our clients and ultimately drive value and growth, more than a traditional PMS system would.”

In May 2019, Blake Morgan successfully completed a two-year project to consolidate all their practice management systems into Peppermint CX. This has enabled Blake Morgan to unite people and consolidate working practices across the firm. Additionally, by consolidating onto a single platform Blake Morgan have been able to create a single view of the client and removed the need to review multiple records in multiple systems

“This is the first time we have been on a single system within Blake Morgan” said Mike Wilson, Managing Partner of Blake Morgan “Moving everyone onto a single practice management system is the foundation that drives consolidation and enables our legal teams to work in a consistent manner across the firm.”

The move onto Peppermint has also provided the opportunity to review working practices and create further efficiencies for example through the removal of online transaction requisitions.

“When we took a closer look at finance workflows, we were able to drive significant efficiencies through automation of steps that were previously manual. We’ve really started to challenge ourselves around the touch-points and focus efforts on actions that are truly value-add.” said Matthew Clarke.

Following consolidation of their practice management systems onto the Peppermint platform, Blake Morgan can now switch their focus to continuous improvement and opportunities to enhance client experience.

Mike Wilson concludes “We see that Peppermint can offer real value in helping us get the most out of the relationships we have with clients. Our next phase will focus on implementation of the capabilities within Peppermint CX beyond those of standard PMS systems in order to enhance our client facing capabilities.”

Gary Young, CEO of Peppermint Technology, commented “Blake Morgan are a progressive firm seeking to streamline operations and drive efficiencies, whilst continuing to deliver customer centricity. We are delighted the Peppermint platform is playing a pivotal role in that journey, by bringing the firm together and through supporting transformation of business processes in order to increase efficiency, drive client satisfaction and ultimately, deliver business growth.”

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