BigHand launches latest version of its award-winning workflow software for law firms

BigHandBigHand has today announced the launch of the latest version of its legal task delegation solution, BigHand Workflow Management.

Based on customer feedback and market demand, the latest release (5.5.1) supports a wider variety of legal working practices and aims to further reduce time that both lawyers and legal support teams spend on administrative work.

The workflow solution allows administrative work to be automatically routed to the right support staff at the right cost to the firm, maintaining visibility throughout the process. Output reports can be used by management for visibility of key metrics like work type, volume, capacity and utilization for informed resourcing and data-driven decision making around support services.

Secretaries and support staff have greater flexibility to manage their own workloads, with the ability to delegate their work to centralized support teams and access BigHand at any time via Workflow Management’s popular iOS and Android mobile applications.

Lawyers can submit any task from their mobile device while on the go, and track the work via the app.  They can also add more detailed instructions to dictations by attaching a configurable form, resulting in faster turnaround times and improved work quality. The look and feel of the task interface for dictations has also been updated to further streamline the task delegation process.

Eric Wangler, Managing Director for BigHand’s People Productivity solutions commented, “The global transition to permanent hybrid working, teamed with continued secretarial attrition, a challenging recruiting environment and growing client demand for cost transparency has created a seismic shift in the way law firms are structuring their support services models. As a result, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of firms needing a more flexible task delegation solution.

“We’re excited to get this version of our Workflow Management technology into the hands of our customers and enable firms to quickly and easily delegate work to those best suited to complete it, while implementing operational structures that can provide exceptional support to both attorneys and clients.”


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