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When undertaking any litigation support case, it is essential to firstly ascertain whether the other party has assets worth pursuing and whether any enforcement action is likely to succeed.

Our pre-litigation reporting has gone on to prove indispensable for our instructing clients, predominantly, but not exclusively law firms, litigation funders and insolvency practitioners.

With over a decade’s experience, IDR members Matrix Intelligence are recognised experts in Litigation Support providing background intelligence and crucial information delivered in a concise, factual and court-ready format. This coupled with our thorough knowledge of both British and international jurisdictions has positioned us as the preferred litigation support partner for clients worldwide.

We provide pre-litigation reports on a fixed fee basis and support lawyers throughout the life of the case. Matrix adds value to the legal service offerings by placing a range of investigative capabilities at their disposal.

Of course, no two cases are ever the same and we pride ourselves in providing support individually specific to our clients exact requirement. Our litigation support extends to complete profiling of the individual subject including: court admissible asset tracing with a full wealth assessment report, background and reliability checks, corporate and political affiliations and reputational red flags.

Our Fixed Fee Pre-Litigation Reports include:

  • Passport and ID verification: We will verify that the machine-readable zone (MRZ) matches the personal details contained within the passport as per the ICAO standardisation.
  • Asset Trace: Proprietary database searches to identity connected properties and ownership.
  • Global identity & address verification: This search allows us to cross reference personal information ie. current name, address and DOB against a variety of government and proprietary sources.
  • Compliance & Financial checks: Identification, payment history, judgments, information, restricted accounts and bankruptcy searches.
  • Civil Litigation, criminal & court searches: Searches across available court listings and rolls against the subject’s given name.
  • Corporate affiliations & red flags: Live companies are checked for CCJ’s, negative balance sheets and liquidation markers and dissolved companies are checked for liquidation markers.
  • International fraud / sanctions: Search for sanctions, enforcements, and warnings from over 300 enforcement agencies, criminal courts, and investigative news sources from around the world.
  • Email verification & fraud check: Deep web searches on given contact details.
  • Adverse media search: The check is undertaken using 1 set of forenames (first and middle) and 1 surname.

If there are multiple parties to the litigation, we carry out checks to see whether some defendants are stronger financially than others.

IDR members, Matrix Intelligence are unparalleled in retrieving both OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and HUMINT (Human Intelligence). Our open source protocols enable us to retrieve data from land registries, corporate records and databases many of which are notoriously difficult to access. Combined with the use of HUMINT, we can quickly identity any corporate or personal malfeasance providing legal reference for our clients to focus their litigation and at the same time reducing cost and timeframes.

Litigation Support Case Study

We were engaged by a client to conduct a Pre-Litigation Report on a Chinese debtor resident in the UK who had entered into a loan agreement with our client for the sum of £10,000 and subsequently defaulted. Our initial task was to locate the debtor and ascertain their assets.

It was not possible to trace the debtor with the precise information provided by the client, however; using our investigative techniques and access to a number of international proprietary databases, we were able to positively identify the subject and his current whereabouts.

Our investigation revealed that the subject had one potential asset charged by a lender, one Unilateral Notice Charging Order issued by Central London County Court and three unsatisfied monetary judgements totalling nearly £70,000.

Based on the Intelligence that we established, our Client was able to make an informed decision as to whether to issue proceedings, obtain a judgement and join the other charge holders on the property.


While we are headquartered in London, we have exceptional multi-jurisdictional capabilities in 148 countries with specific expertise in Eastern Europe, Russia & Former CIS countries, select countries in the Middle East and Africa, and all offshore banking jurisdictions.

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