Are you doing as much as you should to grow your law firm?

Recent times have been turbulent times for most law firms – but how are firms focusing on the future and most importantly on growth? First4Lawyers commissioned IRN Research to speak with 100 law firms to ask just exactly how the market is diversifying and how they plan to grow in the year ahead.

First4Lawyers’ eighth White Paper, launching on 19 October, looks at how the legal landscape has changed for firms since the introduction of the whiplash reforms and the impact that could have on the entire legal sector.

In the space of just 18 months, one in four firms previously dealing with lower-value RTA work have ditched it, with many diversifying into other areas of law. And as the government continues to push through a seemingly endless round of reforms it’s likely that more will follow, resulting in even higher levels of competition for firms.

So what does the future hold? What are firms doing to grow their law firms? How are firms differentiating themselves to give them the competitive edge?

The White Paper ‘Trust me, I’m a lawyer – marketing legal services in 2023’ takes a close look at the progress law firms have made in recent years in their marketing strategies and highlights the gaps that need more work. And while the White Paper reviews the ever-shifting sands of the personal injury market, our research findings and advice on what you can improve apply to all law firms, irrespective of areas of practice.

85% of solicitors have seen consumer behaviour change in the last five years – they are shopping around more before choosing a lawyer and have higher expectations on service. They are laying down a big challenge to how the legal market has long worked.

Six in 10 law firms surveyed have increased their marketing budgets in the last year but they are not analysing the return on investment properly so as to inform future decisions. There are also wildly divergent approaches to the increasingly important issue of online reviews.


Join us on our FREE White Paper launch webinar on Wednesday 19 October at 11am to explore these and other findings from the report.

  • How law firms are driving growth, from M&A to more marketing
  • Identify the gaps in your marketing strategy
  • Best practice in dealing with review websites?
  • How to make your website work for you
  • Are you offering the experience that customers want?
  • Practical hints and tips from industry experts and peer law firms
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition

First4Lawyers’ head of marketing, Andy Cullwick, will share his views on what firms should be doing and a panel of industry experts will discuss the topics at the forefront of every leaders’ mind in the legal industry right now.

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