Angela Viney Conveyancing Services replaces incumbent system with Proclaim Case Management solution to benefit from greater efficiency and flexibility

Eclipse200Angela Viney Conveyancing Services is a specialist commercial and domestic conveyancing firm operating from offices throughout West Yorkshire. The firm has gone from strength to strength over the last thirty years due to its commitment to client service and providing high quality and expert advice from its team of dedicated solicitors.

Darren Becks (partner), and Jack Viney (conveyancer /Proclaim administrator) at Angela Viney Conveyancing Services, talk about the decision to implement Proclaim and the on-going benefits of the case management solution.

Why did you decide to replace your existing system?

Our previous system was generally unsustainable and simply couldn’t keep up with our business needs. In particular, as we operate across 4 offices, we needed a system that could manage data regardless of location, as well as offer us a solid platform for future development and expansion.

Why was Eclipse your chosen provider?

Initially, Eclipse and its Proclaim solution were referred to us by a number of other businesses who were benefiting from the software. Although we knew of Proclaim through its reputation, we decided to meet with a number of suppliers in order to get an accurate comparison of the legal software available within the market.

It became clear after a demonstration that the Proclaim solution could offer a lot more functionality in a variety of aspects – particularly reporting – but also allowed for complete customisation in terms of screens and workflows. Additionally, we knew we would see a significant ROI from the system thanks to the sheer scope of automation.

Furthermore, we liked the idea of working with a local business, as not only would it mean solidifying close business relationships within the local economy, but we’d also be lucky enough to benefit from the entire Eclipse team just a few miles away.

What are some of the benefits you’ve seen from Proclaim?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the complete flexibility of the system is fantastic. The on-going ability we have to tweak Proclaim as and when we need to means we can adapt our work to suit client needs. For example, sometimes we undertake unusual commercial work – our previous system was extremely prescriptive and wouldn’t allow for this, but with Proclaim, we can simply tailor the workflow within a few easy steps, and without needing to contact our Relationship Manager or the Support team.

Another brilliant feature is the ability to specify access for certain users. Depending on job titles and roles, we can limit particular areas of the system, as well as create an effective audit trail to ensure each member of staff is completing the required work. Taking this further, Proclaim’s inbuilt task management feature means we can oversee all tasks and delegate them to users, ensuring most importantly, that work is being completed on time for clients, but also providing senior staff with total control.

Additionally, the overall layout of Proclaim is well suited to our needs. The interface makes work extremely efficient as whenever a client calls, we can access their details with literally the click of a button, or thanks to the Outlook integration, we can use the ‘drag and drop’ method for any incoming and outgoing emails.

In terms of Eclipse, we’ve found the overall experience with the entire team absolutely great – the firm delivers a very professional, yet very personal client service. The Support team is excellent, whilst our Relationship Manager has brilliant technical knowledge and is always happy to help.

How has the ETSOS integration enhanced your service offering?

The ETSOS integration has increased our efficiency massively. It has provided us with a seamless search ordering process directly from Proclaim so there’s no need for us to go back and forth between the portal and our desktops anymore. This in turn saves us a lot of time and means we are able to increase efficiencies for our clients as well as increase our profitability!

How successful were your training sessions with Eclipse?

The training was absolutely fantastic. All our staff have completed the necessary courses to enable basic use of Proclaim, but Jack underwent the Technical training as well in order to tweak the system to suit business needs.

Thanks to this, and as we mentioned earlier, we are now able to customise the system – completely in-house – to suit our way of working, or to suit any unusual work requests. We wouldn’t be able to do this were it not for the in-depth training we received!

Overall, feedback from our entire team was extremely positive. The size of the groups were perfect, ensuring everyone was able to work through the exercises, whilst the trainers themselves were excellent and were easily able to get everyone working through the session regardless of skill and experience.

Additionally, the training facilities were great, ensuring we were all able to work on our own desktop and use the system in real-time.

Do you have any future plans for your use of Proclaim?

Ideally, in the long term, we hope to implement Eclipse’s accounting and financial practice management toolset to provide a fully centralised and firm-wide desktop application.

In the interim, we’re looking at Proclaim’s integration with the Land Registry Business Gateway. Once implemented, this will provide staff with seamless Gateway interaction from their Proclaim desktops, as well as provide 2-way integration for data and documentation, ultimately enhancing our clients’ experience.

Overall, we are thrilled with our Proclaim solution and the complete service offering from Eclipse. We look forward to benefiting from a long and fruitful relationship!


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