Advanced Legal announces a pair of new signings for ALB in Scotland

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10 September 2015

AdvancedLegal200Advanced Legal has revealed that Thorley Stephenson and Nelson Gibb & Landa (NGL) have both signed multi-year deals to migrate their practices onto ALB, Advanced’s practice and case management solution (PCMS).

ALB is designed to help legal firms efficiently manage their clients, cases and documents by offering a fully-integrated PCMS in an on premise or hosted environment.

Both firms are scheduled to go live with their new solutions later this year.

Edinburgh based Thorley Stephenson had been looking to replace its current PCMS and modernise its infrastructure with a cloud based solution. After reviewing the market, Advanced and ALB were selected due to the product’s close fit for the firm.

Jim Stephenson, partner for Thorley Stephensons, says, “We wanted a solution that could help modernise our practice.  Our server was coming to the end of its life and we recognised the savings we could achieve by migrating to the cloud, it made sense to upgrade our PCMS at the same time to a modern solution. We reviewed the other suppliers and it was clear that ALB was the best out there for us.

“ALB will help us improve productivity on-the-go and the centralised diary system will remove diary clashes and errors. It will also provide a way to capture time against matters, giving us an accurate reflection of time and costs spent, ultimately helping to improve our customer service – something that we have not been able to do with our previous system.”

NGL, a South Lanarkshire-based law firm with offices in Hamilton and Glasgow, has selected ALB to replace its current system with a fully integrated cloud solution that includes PMS, Accounts and the Laserform library. The firm, which concentrates on private client work such as Conveyancing, Wills and Family, is opting to deploy the solution in the cloud to allow them to easily manage resources across their three offices.

David Miller, business manager for NGL, comments, “With multiple offices we needed the flexibility of a cloud based system alongside a full PCMS – Advanced and ALB fit that bill perfectly.

“The software will allow us to achieve greater efficiency thanks to task automation – especially for conveyancing and executory cases – whilst the cloud will provide us with the remote and mobile working capabilities that we need.

“The inclusion of Laserform in Advanced’s portfolio means the amount of data we have to enter will be minimal.  Being hosted through their cloud infrastructure means we will only have one IT supplier that we need to talk to, it’s the perfect solution.”

Thorley Stephenson and NGL are further additions to the growing number of legal service providers who are moving to ALB.  The firm recently celebrated its 400th ALB client.

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