A step-by-step review of the risks and challenges in the estate administration process

Title ResearchA new blog from Title Research takes a look at the estate administration process, alongside the risks and challenges one may face at each stage.

The estate administration process can be long and complex at times, especially when you’re dealing with an intestate estate, missing beneficiaries or overseas assets to be repatriated.

Unique risks or challenges can arise at almost every step along the way, that may result in delays, frustration or a poor client experience. What if there was a possible solution for each of these obstacles?

Title Research’s latest blog provides an informative overview of the following:

  • A step-by-step review of the 10 key stages in the estate administration process
  • An outline of the most common risks or challenges you may face at each stage
  • A recommendation of what can be outsourced to a specialist to facilitate the process

It’s a blog worth reading and bookmarking for reference. Have a look:

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Title Research provides a range of genealogical research and asset repatriation services for legal professionals. Their services are designed to streamline the estate administration process, to take the effort out of locating the correct people or assets, and to mitigate against the risk of future dispute or complications. If you have any questions about genealogical research, asset repatriation or how you can work with Title Research, call them on 0345 87 27 600 or email info@titleresearch.com.


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