A new age of Pupillage Supervisor training

By Legal Futures Associate Briefed

BriefedEstablished in 2012, the barrister team at Briefed now works with 80% of Chambers in England and Wales to help them meet their compliance and regulatory requirements.

Their range of bespoke services transform compliance from a costly tick-box exercise into significant business advantages via cutting edge training, consultancy and business support services, in-person and online.

Orlagh Kelly, the founder of Briefed, identified many issues and areas where legal expertise combined with online accessibility created bar-specific services that would make life a lot easier for busy barristers.

“Our best known product is probably our GDPR certification for barristers, referenced by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) in their 2020 Regulatory Return. Thousands of barristers use this product to ensure data security and compliance within their practice.”


Another string to its training portfolio bow

Now, the Briefed barrister team has added to its services portfolio with the introduction of the first ever Pupillage Supervisor e-learning module.

It has quickly become their fastest selling product with more than 35 chambers signing up in the first six weeks.

“Since the Bar Standards Board (BSB) no longer prescribe the eligibility criteria for Pupillage Supervisors, it is up to Chambers as AETOs to ensure that their supervisors receive adequate and appropriate training,” explained Orlagh.

“Previously, supervisors – or future supervisors – had to piece together information from different online resources or were forced to register for live training sessions with limited places and availability. Training was dictated by a specific date, time and location.

Orlagh continues, “After working closely with experienced supervisors and a number of Chambers, we have re-imagined how Pupillage Supervisors can gain mandated training and reach the required outcomes in the easiest, most direct way.” 


In creating content for the new training module, Briefed went straight to the source by asking supervisors for their input.

“We listened to what they wanted in relation to training, while making sure that we met the mandated BSB regulatory guidance. So, we have all the contributing supervisors to thank for ensuring the training accurately reflects how Chambers handle pupillages and pupil supervisors in real life, not just in theory.” 

The Briefed Pupillage Supervisor Training is now available online and brings together all the materials and resources required for successful supervision. Candidates may complete the course in their own time, at their own pace, and on any device of their choosing. The information is engaging, easy to follow and accessible for 12 months.

Orlagh believes that this service addresses a gap in the legal training marketplace and ushers in a new age of pupillage supervision.

“Barrister supervisors spend so much time reading, learning, working and training – and are often away from home. The personal experience of Briefed barristers means that we are drawn towards making the lives of pupil supervisors easier as they strive towards shaping careers and the future of the Bar.” 

Responses so far have been excellent. Every Pupillage Supervisor who has completed the course has given it 98% in feedback and would recommend it to a colleague.

To find out more about Briefed training and support services, visit www.getbriefed.com or tel: 028 9621 6345. 


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